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Junak, M07, M10, B20

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    Junak Motorcycle Junak was produced in Szczecinska Factory of Motorcycles (SFM). in the beginning was produced only one model : Junak M07, which was transformed in M10 slowly and then in weight version B20.

    Except above-mentioned models designed other less well-known, which did not come in to the production but it is worth to remember about them. They were sport models : M07R, M07C, prototype: M07 / B21, M13 and the most modern M14 Iskra (spark) with two cylinder engine and with futuristic carriage. Not long ago Junak was treated as usable vehicle, only by some people like veteran of roads. But nobody say by now, that the Junak is not classic motorcycle. Junak fully deserved to name of classic motorcycle. It is proper to respect Junak and to treat as classic motorcycle.

    JunakM10 This service came into being for people who has got Junak, or for someone who wants to know that motorcycle. I inserted the histories , the old articles, the photographs , the workshop advices, a little for people who like the side - car plus the gallery of present and old photographs - ( not only photographs of Junak and also of Java and other motorcycles).

    The reason of existing that web side is to performance production of Junak, his history, his construction. But the most important is to popularize that unique post-war four - stroke motorcycle and save that kind of motorcycles in original condition for future generations.

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